Golf is often used as a metaphor for life. How a person plays the game provides insight into how they handle challenges in their personal and professional lives. There was even a book written on that exact topic about former President Trump. I happen to come across an interesting tidbit about an old golfer that you’ll recognize if you’re a fan, Chi Chi Rodriguez, who was competing in the US Open, played that year at Hazeltine Country Club outside Minneapolis. Tied for second place after the opening round, Rodriguez eventually finished 27th, a few strokes ahead of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player. His caddy for the tournament was a 17-year-old local named Tommy Friedman. That’s right, the same Thomas Friedman, famed author of the book The World Is Flat.

Everyone likes to talk about globalization and the harmonization of processes when bringing new products to different markets across the globe. Regardless of the industry, it is essential that companies be integrated, and people be experienced in navigating local and international regulations. It is essential that we be able to communicate and work across cultural differences. Obvious stuff, one would think but hasn’t always been the case when companies look to expand their global footprint. Over the last few years, JOINN has performed over 60 IND enabling programs that were registered with the USFDA supporting submissions for a total of 27 Chinese pharmaceutical companies. This represents close to 50% of comparable projects that have been conducted by all Chinese CROs combined over the same period of time.

Flattening the world through effective integration is important if we are to provide our clients with an option for better and more efficient drug development. This is a centerpiece to JOINN and Biomere’s global strategy.

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