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Biomere is a preclinical CRO based in Worcester, MA with locations in Richmond, CA and throughout China. We are focused on providing a personalized and customer-focused approach to preclinical services, early stage drug discovery and development services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Biomere also provides support to leading research institutions and academia. Our employees are energetic, dedicated team players who are driven to expedite the research journeys of our clients.

We strive to foster an environment which supports the recognition and growth of our employees. We are proud of the talented teams they create and the collective efforts made to continually improve the level of personal service we provide to our clients. If you are inspired to join a team who is interested in your ideas, expertise and growth, Biomere is a great place to truly make a difference.

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Job Openings

Lab Animal Care Technician – Small Animal or Large Animal

The Lab Animal Care Technicians are the foundation of our program. Their diligent focus on the care of all our animals provides the platform to answer the scientific questions we are asked. These team members for both the small and large animal programs perform animal husbandry duties (e.g. feeding, watering, cage side observations/clinical observations, cage changes and sanitation) according to SOP; handle and restrain animals; performs sanitation and disease control protocols in each vivarium which may include the shower-in vivarium, ventilated rack housing rooms, non-USDA or USDA conventional housing rooms, operate sanitation equipment (e.g. autoclave, cage washer, rack washer, etc.), and sanitize animal rooms/non-animal rooms and responsible for waste disposal.

Research Associate – Small Animal

The Research Associate for Small Animal in vivo studies will perform all aspects of in vivo contract research studies including study set up, dosing, blood collection, anesthesia and surgical support, euthanasia, tissue collection, data collection and study documentation; critically evaluate data; tabulate, graph and perform basic statistical analysis and perform data quality control review according to SOPs or study protocols.

Attending Veterinarian

The Attending Veterinarian will define and implement the Lab Animal Sciences program, in compliance with all regulations and policies, nationally and locally, to enhance the integration between the veterinary and the research teams for the benefit of the science we complete on behalf of our clients. The Attending Veterinarian will have direct day–to-day oversight of the animal care and use program including, but not limited to ensuring that all animal care related activities are conducted in accordance with company policies, guidelines, and SOPs, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards and regulations; ensuring that documentation requirements are met; partnering with research teams to offer proactive guidance and expertise to inform decisions on protocols and procedures to ensure the most efficient use of laboratory animals on studies; implementing the use of appropriate methods to prevent, control, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries; providing expertise and consultation on matters of animal health and welfare, including, but not limited to: the use of proper anesthesia and analgesia in laboratory animals; recognition and training for treatment of in the relief of pain and distress; discussion of the possible complications related to procedures used or disease models proposed; review of the plans for appropriate and timely medical intervention.

Staff Veterinarian

The Staff Veterinarian works under the direct guidance of the Attending Veterinarian and in collaboration with the IO to implement the company’s veterinary care program to ensure the animals are cared for in compliance with regulations and company policies. The goal of this department is to collaborate with and provide expert support to our research scientists in the discovery, characterization, and development of novel therapeutic products for a variety of human diseases. As a team, we are dedicated to providing excellent animal care, progressive veterinary medicine, and expert lab animal science knowledge. The Staff Veterinarian serves as an expert in the conduct of clinical veterinary care programs at all levels of complexity. The successful candidate will provide day–to-day support of the animal care and use program including, but not limited to ensuring daily observation of all animals by personnel to assess their health and well-being; performing veterinary rounds for all species as required and provide clinical care and preventive medicine support; conducting routine Physical Examinations (PE) and the testing of non-human primates for tuberculosis (TB); ensuring that all animal care related activities are conducted in accordance with company policies, guidelines, and SOPs, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards and regulations.

Lab Manager – In Vitro

The Lab Manager candidate must be proficient in in-vitro portion of contract research studies according to the study protocols and the company guidelines and standard operating procedures. This successful candidate is responsible for the coordination and performance of assigned projects which require direct interaction with clients and reporting of study data. As part of their role, they are responsible for training team members, in vitro study design/ budgeting/implementation, standard operating procedure development, general scheduling and ordering for the in vitro team, and annual equipment calibration and maintenance.

Research Associate – In Vitro

Working collaboratively with the in vitro and in vivo teams, the In Vitro Research Associate (RA) will independently read and understand study protocols and relevant SOPs prior to performing associated duties on designated research projects. The RA will perform in vitro portions of a study cycle for contract research studies including, but not limited to RNA/DNA purification, real-time PCR/RT-PCR;PCR, reagent and dose formulations for in vivo studies, ELISA, ELISPOT, Multicolor flow cytometry (cell preparation and analysis), preparation of virus stock, virus titration, antibody neutralization, and T-cell assays, cell preparation and culture (human and animal cell isolation, magnetic bead cell purification) and additional assay system development based on project needs. The successful candidate will also generates in vitro forms, including study and formulation forms, data labels, and data files and performs data quality control review according to SOPs or study protocols.