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Enrichment Program

Enrichment is an integral part of daily husbandry and animal care. Our behavior and enrichment team partners with our animal care teams to assure enrichment programs are biologically relevant. Our programs provide opportunities for hiding, social interactions, species appropriate locomotion, manipulanda, foraging and feeding. These specialized programs prevent or reduce the occurrence abnormal behaviors and assure, through consistency, that enrichment value is not lost over time.

In addition to dietary enrichment, manipulanda objects, and hanging devices our NHPs are provided sensory enrichment tools that promote auditory, visual, olfactory and tactile stimulation. These can include but are not limited to television, music or species-relevant soundtracks, or novel scents. A favorite is our bubble machine. For all species enrichment devices are provided on a rotating schedule to maintain the novelty of the enrichment and to promote the psychological well-being of the animals.

Bubbles and bananas

NHP Behavioral Program

NHP behavior is monitored daily. Team members interact with the animals many times during the day, providing positive human contact such as regularly offering food treats and speaking calmly during all interactions. The team monitors the animals for any signs of abnormal behavior and/or alopecia. If a behavioral issue is identified, an individualized intervention plan is provided to the specific NHP. Overall, the low occurrence of abnormal behaviors in our colony are attributed to the excellent individualized care and acclimation to both study procedures and daily animal care tasks provided by our dedicated staff. Alopecia is rarely observed in our colony. The rare instances when alopecia is present, it’s mainly the effect of one social partner overgrooming the other.

Two Non Human Primates

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Enrichment Program

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