CRO Expertise

Our Laboratory Sciences team is positioned to support your study through multiple ex-vivo analyses. These include automated clinical pathology sample analysis through more complex flow cytometry analysis.


Biomere has extensive capabilities to support ex vivo or in vitro analytical needs. We will work with you to develop and qualify a variety of analytical methods, analyze and interpret flow cytometry data and complete clinical pathology in support of your in vivo studies.

Our team’s expertise with multiple models of disease in a variety of animal species works in parallel with their extensive experience aligning in vitro tools in support of in vivo studies.


Our Clinical Pathology lab supports in vitro analyses of your in vivo studies through testing of blood and other bodily fluids, tissues, and microscopic evaluation of individual cells. Our highly-trained medical technologists are ready to support the needs of your studies.

*Performed by subcontractor
**Coagulation and Stain Counts performed by subcontractor


Our Tissue Culture lab supports in vitro analyses of your in vivo studies by performing tissue isolation, culturing of primary cells and cell lines for studies involving cell-based therapies, and performing cellular based assays.

Plaque Assay–Crystal Violet

Tissue/Cell Isolation and Culturing

Cellular Based Assays


Our lab supports your in vivo work with a wide range of methods and platforms to analyze samples for key analytes and biomarkers. We look forward to partnering with you to customize the use of each platform to meet your research needs.



Flow Cytometry

*3rd party contract

Example Flow Cytometry Gating Strategy

In this example gating strategy, we are able to identify the frequency of NK cells and B cells using multi-color flow cytometry. Our scientific team is ready to work with you to help build the optimal flow cytometry panel to meet your needs.

White Papers

Large Molecule Analysis.pdf
Culturing Tumors.pdf


Introduction to Bioanalysis

Bioanalysis Methods for Small and Large Molecule Therapies

Biomere Introduction

Biomere Bioanalysis Services

Animal Models for Bioanalysis Studies


Franklin Spriggs, Bioanalysis Scientist and Consultant Large Molecule Bioanalysis: Concepts, Tools and Challenges

Andrea Wakefield, Bioanalysis Scientist and Consultant Aspects of Regulated Bioanalysis

Laboratory Science Team

Laboratory Science Team

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