Forum Support is an Abstract Away

We are driven to expedite your research journey. In an effort to create opportunities to discuss and share research data, we developed the Biomere Forum Support program. This program is intended to organize, fund and manage YOUR scientific event, leaving you free to focus on the science. Biomere supports 2-3 of these events each year with a cap of 10K on any one event.  

Whether you simply need sponsorship support to present within an existing conference, or wish to develop a stand alone event, we will fund and provide the clerical help you need to share your science. Our professional conference manager, who has over 30 years of conference experience, will support you every step of the way and we will pick up the tab. Submit your request and abstract supporting your webinar, in-person conference or consideration of sponsorship within an existing meeting by clicking here.

Don’t forget to visit The Concourse, and explore the educational materials numerous life science SMEs provided specifically to share with YOU. This private community area expands continually.

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