One thing we all experience is the increasing level of complex science that is needed to get a drug to market. In the rush to get new therapies into the clinic, the experience of sharing and collaboration within the scientific community are becoming increasingly challenging and to a great extent impersonal.

It’s Personal. This simple phrase can be interpreted in many ways. What does this mean to us? It means that we know how much your drug discovery program means to you, your colleagues and your organization. We know that success means lives saved, families achieving life’s milestones. We are invested in moving your drug development program into the clinic to benefit patients and working with you is personal to all of us at Biomere. We define “personal” as building a community with scientists to access meaningful science and learn about new technologies. Biomere strives to build this community in ways that encourage discussions and collaborations to inspire exploration and discovery. In our online Concourse, we are committed to providing science-rich content on an ongoing basis. The content is designed to dive deep into basic and translational research on key disease areas and therapeutic modalities and our aim is to showcase cutting-edge science in accessible and easily consumable formats.

In the coming weeks, we invite you to engage with our blog posts, share your thoughts and participate in this free exchange of collaborative information.

Because, making what we do personal means that it is relevant to you and your voice is an important part of this experience.

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