JOINN is proud to announce its 25th anniversary!

Since the establishment of the business on August 25, 1995 as the first private, non-clinical CRO in China, JOINN has been focusing on the objective of “Providing exceptional services for drug innovation, ultimately for the benefit of mankind.” After 25 years of dedication and hard work from our members, JOINN has built a solid reputation within the industry, becoming the largest CRO for safety assessment in China, while progressively expanding our services to clinical CRO, pharmacovigilance and research model services.

Coincidently, it is also August 25th that JOINN became a listed company and the stock went public on SSE in the China A stock market in 2017. Since then, the market capitalization of JOINN has reached 2.85B U.S. Dollars. Currently there are 1,200 employees serving the company, as well as a total of six facilities in both the U.S. and China, five which are in operation and one in construction.

Since 2019, JOINN increased its global footprint by merging with Biomere and launching new laboratories in California. With Biomere joining the family, we are looking forward to achieving great synergy. Based on the natural fit between Biomere and JOINN, the company will leverage Biomere’s well-established reputation promoting cooperation of industry experts from both sides, aiming for expansion throughout not only the east and west coast, but eventually the east (China) and the west (US).

With JOINN and Biomere’s integration, we should be confident that the company will continue to thrive, relying on the effort and support from each member.

We are ready for another 25 years!

Daniel Gao
August 25, 2020