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What's New

03 | Mar | 2021

Our new Biomere intranet! Here you can be in “sync” with Biomere news and events as well as access critical employee information. We created an environment to support you with relevant resources right at your fingertips! There may be items you did not know were so readily available! In The Sync you will find Breaking News, have quick access to HR Resources & Policies and Benefits, be able to review information on Training, Compliance and even have a Directory of people, local activities and highlights of Upcoming Events! 

 These should be exciting times not just for us as a company but for each-and-every employee. I encourage everyone to become an “agent of change” and help us with our transition to becoming the best in the business. Use this as the motivation Emily touches upon in her quote of the day for your own advancement and growth.

Biomere recognizes that one of our most valuable assets is our people!  You make the magic happen every day. To ease your access to HR tools, we have provided many resources and links within The Sync. Do you need benefit information? Do you want to access a recent training? Do you have a question on a policy or SOP? Check out the content in The Sync and let us know if we can provide additional items supporting your employee journey at Biomere.

“The past is your lesson. The present is your gift.  The future is your motivation.”  – Zig Ziglar  

Check out the new blog posts in The Concourse as well.  Two new ocular blogs and an article Mark Nedelman wrote for the February issue of Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine have been posted recently.