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Scientific Expertise

Our scientific expertise in metabolic and autoimmune diseases has been recognized by awards of >$25MM in federally funded grants since 1996.

Biomere’s reputation for scientific excellence is the foundation on which we have grown a discovery-based preclinical CRO.

Personalized Approach

Our culture fosters personal relationships with our sponsors who regard us not as clients but as collaborators and partners.

Our people are your team. We are focused on delivering the highest quality service and science delivering what you want, when you want it.

Customized Service

Being a lab exclusively dedicated to helping clients with discovery requires Biomere to put a premium on flexibility and adaptability.

Service isn’t just part of a marketing campaign, it’s what we do, who we are. It's not only a promise, but our guarantee.

Fast Turnaround

Biomere takes great pride in being the most responsive preclinical CRO in the industry.

Regardless of where in the process, Biomere places speed and ease of work with us at a premium.

Put our experienced team of experts to work for you!

Preclinical Models

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Apply for Biomere Forum Support to receive substantial financial and personal support for your next scientific meeting.

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