Virology Models

Biomere employs fully trained virologists to design and implement a variety of experiments for your in vivo animal studies.

Our expertise includes:
  • Herpes viruses, parvoviruses, hepatitis viruses, influenza viruses, vaccinia virus, measles virus, rotaviruses and respiratory synctial viruses.
  • Multiple rat models of virus-induced diabetes which can be provided at any stage of disease development:
    • KRV-induced diabetes in BBDR/Wor
    • KRV-induced diabetes in LEW.1WR1
    • RCMV-induced diabetes in LEW.1WR1
  • Design and perform experiments to test efficacy of client’s compounds in ameliorating the symptoms of diabetes induced by viruses.
  • Attenuated virus vectored vaccine validation studies.

Model overview (click on model below to learn more):

LCMV Overview