BRM has been notified by the (NIDDK) to be in the competitive range for two contracts

BRM has been notified by the (NIDDK) to be in the competitive range for two contracts entitled “Preclinical Study of Efficacy in Animal Models of Type 1 Diabetes” and “Preclinical Study of Efficacy I Animal Models of Diabetic Complications”.

NIDDK has developed the T1D Rapid Access to Intervention Development (RAID) program. Under the aegis of this program, resources will be provided to investigators to bridge the gap between discovery and clinical testing. A major component of this program is in vivo efficacy testing.

To support in vivo testing, an animal testing center that can provide reliable, standardized, cost-effective studies is required. Under our proposal, BRM would serve as a primary resource for performing preclinical studies in mice and rats to test new therapeutics for the prevention and/or treatment of type 1 diabetes and it’s complications.

New, state-of-the-art laboratory opens in Springfield’s North End

The Republican, Marcia Blomberg – August 3, 2003 — Wednesday will mark the first day of work in a new, state-ofthe-art laboratory built by a private biomedical company in Springfield’s North End. Official opening of Biomedical Research Model’s lab, built and equipped at an estimated cost of $1.2 million to $1.4 million, marks a stride forward in the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Initiative’s campaign to build a biotechnology industry in the region.

Springfield Attracts Top-Notch Medical Research Facility

The Republican, Marcia Blomberg – January 26, 2003 — Biomedical Research Models has three labs in Worcester, but needs more room for its quickly expanding business. Dennis L. Guberski, the first commercial tenant in the brand-new Biomedical Research Institute in Springfield’s North End, is enraptured by the place where he will open his company’s fifth laboratory.

Guberski, a Chicopee native, is renting 10,000 square feet of space in the new third floor added atop an old industrial building at 3601 Main St. He’s in the thick of planning where the showers will go, the labs, the offices, and the $130,000 sterilizer.

Officials leading the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Initiative hope that Guberski’s Worcester-based company is the vanguard of what will become a parade of biotechnology companies coming to their new incubator. Guberski’s seven-year-old company, Biomedical Research Models, will open a research and development lab this spring in a building that was opened just last November as a biomedical research institute.

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